Max Cegielski
  • W.A.B.
    Warszawa 2002
    125 x 195
    264 pages
    ISBN 83-88221-89-2

This is an account of a trip to India, and at the same time a journey of self-discovery, written in the style of a personal journal. The author, a well-known radio DJ and TV presenter, becomes an anonymous observer of young Europeans who travel to India in search of religious enlightenment, places untouched by civilisation, and most often just cheap drugs and good fun. This journey is an opportunity to put his life in order, to test his love and, once and for all, to defeat his drug addiction, which made several years of his life hell. A trip to a faraway land permits him to look at Polish reality from a distance, and becomes a pretext for dealing with the Polish character. Cegielski's narrative is permeated with European scepticism, but it is also full of passion for learning and discovering the true face of India, and therefore unique.

Max Cegielski (b. 1975), TV presenter, radio DJ and journalist. He writes poems and short stories, published in major literary journals, as well as contributing to Fluid, an avant-garde cultural monthly.