By the Powerful Angel

Jerzy Pilch
By the Powerful Angel
  • Wydawnictwo Literackie
    Kraków 2000
    123 x 197
    140 pp
    ISBN 83-08-03072-6

"The first person narrator in Jerzy Pilch's novel is Jurus, a writer and journalist who is also a chronic alcoholic. His life follows a cyclical pattern: his return to a the group of the more or less living and conscious on a detoxication ward, followed by a rehabilitation of several weeks in a closed institution, and finally the happy departure. His return to the empty apartment (he has been left by both his wives) by taxi, in order to shorten and minimalise the stress of the discharge, to the nearest off-licence to stock up on the necessary supplies. Jurus' existence continues to run along these roughly drawn lines. Drinking, women and the army, and so on into infinity. In this book, Pilch prattles on and on remorselessly in his masterly way, bends the reader's ear, fills the mind, grips the attention - and before you know where you are, you've reached the end of the book." (Lech Mergler)

An incredible tale of inveteracy, the attempts to escape from it - and of love, which saves the day.

Jerzy Pilch received the NIKE Award, the most eminent Polish literary award, in 2001 for By the Powerful Angel.