List of Objects and Other Stories

Henryk Bardijewski
List of Objects and Other Stories
  • Prószyński i S-ka
    Warszawa 2001
    142 x 202
    192 pp
    ISBN 83-7255-842-6

Each of Bardijewski's stories is a miniature parable. These parabolic tales feed on the absurd and on all the (not merely linguistic) strangeness of human existence, and at the same time they are paralysingly rational. The subtlety of Bardijewski's humour is an outcome of the material he uses. The fabric he employs is not - as is usually the case - custom, character, or situation, but language, myth, and cultural symbol.

"If there is any one genre which Bardijewski has mastered to the peak of perfection, it is the miniature story, the modern witty anecdote, at which he is simply brilliant." (Dariusz Nowacki)

Henryk Bardijewski (b. 1932), dramatist and writer of short stories, novels, and script-writer for TV and radio plays.